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Glass Shot

Stew Boyle lives in Cardiff and works in a garage. he dresses like a cowboy, drives a 1957 thunderbird and loves American movies - violent American movies. stew is on his own (his wife's taken the kids and is living with another man), but there are plenty of girls out there and plenty in the book where stew lists his conquests... But are those conquests merely sexual?

It's 1984, the long hot, bitter summer of the Miners' Strike. when a new girl comes into the garage to have a tyre changed, a girl Stew calls 'Rusty?, he embarks on a new pursuit, stalking her through the urbamn landscape of South Wales like an Apache in the American west. It is a chase that can have only one ending - or so it seems.

But is anything ever what it seems in this novel where the borders between past and present, fantasy and reality, dissolve - and the reader is drawn inexorably into a vertiginous world of obsession?